Uplifting Trance Guide

A couple of years ago, when somebody said the word 'trance', uplifting trance is probably what you would have thought of. It was most prevalent in the early years of the millenium, until a few years ago when "progressive" trance gained massive traction with the majority of trance fans. In it's prime, uplifting trance was championed by such well known artists such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Ferry Corsten.

Often referred to as "pure trance", uplifting is characterised by it's relatively high tempo, usually lying between 136-144bpm. Tracks are long, often over 7 minutes, with a large focus on establishing a rhythm, a large breakdown and a lengthy arppegiated melodious climax. It is sometimes mockingly referred to as "degga degga trance" due to it's repetitive basslines.

Though there are many producers who have "stayed true" to the faster, more driving sound, uplifting trance is currently experiencing a resurgence with mainstream trance fans, thanks in part to Armin van Buuren's Who's Afraid of 138 initiative.

2011 - 2014 18 tracks

2007 - 2010 13 tracks

2004 - 2006 12 tracks

2000 - 2003 12 tracks

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