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To the uneducated, Techno is the catch-all for electronic music. This is not the case, as Techno is incredibly diverse and storied genre, spanning decades and splintered off into a multitude of subgenres that will eventually be expanded upon in this guide. Until then, this page will serve as an umbrella for many of these subgenres. The history of techno reaches far further back than the year 2000, however this is covered in much greater detail elsewhere.

Though Techno was once quite fast, it has gradually slowed down over the years, with a majority of tracks sitting in somewhere around 122-140bpm. Because Techno is such a diverse genre, there is a wide range of tempos attributed to it. The speed is mostly dependant on the subgenre however, as some genres such as Hardgroove Techno remain quite fast in comparison to many others.

Techno is quite repetitive nature, with long tracks that have a heavy focus on percussion, a consistent bassline, and often a short repeating motif that can add a melodic or discordant flavour to the track. It is a mostly instrumental genre, though can sometimes feature short vocal samples.

2013 - 2014 27 tracks

2009 - 2012 23 tracks

2004 - 2008 24 tracks

2000 - 2003 27 tracks

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