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Tech House began as a fusion between Techno and House. It combined the rhythm and groove from both House house with some the quirkiness from some of the more minimal Techno. Over time, the more popular styles of Tech House have leaned less heavily on the Techno aspects and towards a bouncy and more energetic style of House.

Tech House tends to sit between 122-130bpm. Though there are multiple styles of Tech House, a common characteristic is the inclusion of short synthetic sounds, laid over either quirky and sometimes unconventional percussion, or alternatively focused on more organic drums. Tracks often contain subtle melodies, or a repeating melodic riff.

Many of the artists that were key players in the Techno scene were at the forefront of the Tech House movement, e.g. Richie Hawtin, Funk D'Void, Carl Cox, Joris Voorn and Umek,

2012 - 2014 24 tracks

2008 - 2011 24 tracks

2004 - 2007 24 tracks

Many Tech House productions around this era contained elements borrowed from Electro.

2000 - 2003 18 tracks

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