Psychedelic Trance Guide

Psychedelic trance has a large amount of diverse subgenres that could easily be expanded out into their own pages in this guide if given enough time. However for time being, these subgenres will all be put under the umbrella of Psychedelic Trance.

Psychedelic trance can have a wildly fluctuating BPM depending on the subgenre. Subgenres such as Psybient are very downtempo; Progressive Psy frequently sits between 132-140; Goa and Full On usually ranges between 140-150; and Dark Psy can even get up to 200bpm.

A lot of Psytrance is characterised by "clicky" sounding kicks, long delays on sounds, syncopated rhythms and throbbing plucked basslines.

2012 - 2014 22 tracks

2008 - 2011 18 tracks

2004 - 2007 21 tracks

2000 - 2003 18 tracks

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Special thanks to JudimSkotch and Special1 for assisting with this genre.