Hardcore Guide

Though there are many different subgenres of Hardcore, such as Speedcore, Terrorcore, Frenchcore and Industrial (coming soon), this part of the guide focuses on the most common type of hardcore, which is most commonly known as Mainstream Hardcore, or Partycore.

Hardcore, sometimes known as Gabber, is easily identified because of its relatively high tempo, distorted kick drums and aggressive sounds. Hardcore productions usually sit somewhere between 150-190bpm, and follow a fairly typical intro - breakdown - climax - outro structure.

More often than not, Hardcore tracks tend to have a darker tone to them, often featuring dissonant melodies and high pitched, distorted leads. Mainstream Hardcore also frequently samples vocals from various Hip-Hop and Rap tracks.

2011 - 2014 21 tracks

2008 - 2010 18 tracks

2005 - 2007 15 tracks

2000 - 2004 18 tracks

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Special thanks to Archi, Psyche and Safda for assisting with this genre.