Future Techno Guide

Future Techno is the name given to the Techno-influenced spin off of Electro House. It is less repetitive than Techno, but moreso than Electro House. It still contains the breakdowns, builds and drops of Electro House, but is far less melodic and is often much darker in tone.

It typically sits anywhere between 122 and 132bpm and often features buzzing basslines, acid and other analogue sounds. It is also often quite percussive with generous use of hi-hats.

Future Techno is a relatively niche genre, and as such there are only a few larger labels in this space. They are GND Records, Bad Life and Lektroluv. Other labels such as Turbo, Blood Music and Boys Noize Recordings also have releases in the genre, but are far less prominent.

2013 - 2014 11 tracks

2012 12 tracks

2010 - 2011 12 tracks

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