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Though it draws influences from productions from the late 90s, Electro House rose to prominence in the early to mid 00's as a heavier alternative to other house subgenres that were prevalent at the time. Thanks to its overall relative popularity, it has become quite a diverse genre, with many differing styles and sounds coming from various regions of the world.

Electro House usually sits somewhere between 125-135bpm and tracks are arranged in a way that gives a large focus on the climax or drop. This usually contains a heavy bassline, and frequently includes melodic elements to help establish cohesion within the track.

Early Electro House was fairly simple, with basic sawtooth basslines being one of the characteristics shared between many tracks. As with many other genres, it became increasingly complex (see Complextro) and began to incorporate much more interesting, and often 'heavier' drops with more unique sounds featured in each.

2011 - 2014 21 tracks

Big Room House Crossover

Due to the rise of Big Room House, it is understandable that many of those influences have found their way into modern Electro House. It has become quite easy to confused Electro House and Big Room House, so if you are looking at these tracks and asking yourself "Where are artists such as Hardwell and Swedish House Mafia?"', then head on over to Big Room House guide and you will find your answer.

Future Techno

In the later years, it became common for many producers to draw influences from Techno. The resulting productions are classified as Future Techno. These productions became more stripped back and had a more 'analogue' sound to them, rather than the raw digital sound that other popular Electro House featured. Many Lektroluv artists such as Mumbai Science and Sound of Stereo have gone down this path.

2009 - 2010 18 tracks


Complextro, the jarring portmanteau of complex and electro was the nickname given to the music of artists such as Wolfgang Gartner, Feed Me and Porter Robinson, whose productions often consisted of squeezing in a large number of different sounds and basslines into a drop, while still having it sound natural and keeping a smooth flow.

Trash Electro

Trash Electro was a subgenre of Electro House that took the grungey bassline made popular by the french, and strongly exaggerated it. The sound of Trash Electro was often less upbeat, and much like Dubstep (Brostep), it became somewhat of an arms race by producers as to who could create the heaviest bassline.

2007 - 2008 21 tracks

The French Influence

Though the french were already quite an iconic presence in the Electro House scene, around 2007 is when they really kicked it into gear and their influence was felt worldwide. Labels such as Ed Banger, Kitsune and Because Music helped propel the french sound into the spotlight.


Fidget is a subgenre of Electro that was popular for a brief period of time. It was known for its simple, yet "wonky" style. Tracks often featured chopped up vocals, and relied heavily on simple pitched waveforms such as squares and saws.

2002 - 2006 15 tracks

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