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Complextro is a term coined by Porter Robinson to describe the filthy, “complex” style of Electro House becoming increasingly popular at the time of coinage. Complextro is derived from Electro House, Dubstep, and Fidget; the name itself is a portmanteau of “complex” and “electro”. The glitchy basslines are prominent and abrasive and make use of multiple synths per loop, as opposed to Electro House which tends to have one synth prominent throughout a majority of the track.

Like Electro House, most tracks range from 125-135 BPM, although recently a midtempo variant has emerged with strong Dubstep influence; the drop receives the greatest focus. The drop will include synths from many genres as well as include melodic and vocal snippets giving it a "chopped-up" sort of melody.

2012 - 2014 15 tracks

2009 - 2011 13 tracks

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Special thanks to Hydra for assisting with this genre.