Big Room Trance Guide

Though this type of trance is more commonly referred to as progressive trance, I've categorised it as big room trance because it draws strong parallels to progressive house/big room house genre naming debate. Having this type of trance in the same category as the other progressive trance does not make any sense, as they are so vastly dissimilar.

Big room trance is usually much less subdued than it's other progressive counterpart, often featuring memorable hooks, vocals and a big melodic climax as the centerpiece. The structure between tracks is fairly standard, with the track being built around 'the drop' that happens after the breakdown and subsequent buildup. The intros and drops frequently borrow influences from electro house, such as large buzzing basslines, yet still retains it's trance elements in the form of supersaws and long breakdowns.

It is interesting to note that many of the influential labels that once focused on uplifting trance - such as Anjunabeats and Enhanced - have shifted towards catering to this more accessible big room sound.

2013 - 2014 9 tracks

2012 15 tracks

2010 - 2011 14 tracks

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