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Dance Music Guide

The Beat Explorers' Dance Music Guide was created to assist those that are feeling a little lost when it comes to keeping up the latest trendy new dance music genre, or those that just want to brush up on some of the history and sounds of their favourite genres from eras past.

The guide is constantly evolving, curated list of tracks that strongly represent their particular genre. It is not supposed to be all-encompassing, but rather provide a general sense of the characteristics that are unique to each genre.

What is the Dance Music Guide?

The guide was created to educate and further enhance knowledge in regards to the vast array of dance music genres that exist. Wikipedia has a big list of these genres, but it’s light on examples. Instead of going through the history of each subgenre - which is already covered elsewhere in greater detail - this guide will dive into the basic characteristics that define each of these genres, and provide a whole bunch of examples so that you can identify them. Descriptions are written so that they are easily understood in a modern context.

There are plenty of possible reasons for someone to use this guide. Perhaps you wish to:

  • learn what defines a particular genre, and listen to examples of each
  • look for recommendations of other tracks and artists of a genre you have recently discovered that you enjoy
  • look back at the history of a genre, and learn how it's sound has evolved over the years
  • learn about which labels were most influential in a genre's creation and progression
  • brush up on what newfangled music kids are listening to these days

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How do I use this guide?

Let's say you're beginning to question Beatport's genre listings, and you want to find out what Progressive House really sounds like:

  1. Open up House on the genre menu at the top
  2. Click through to the appropriate subgenre, in our case Progressive House
  3. Click one of the coloured era bars to expand it
  4. Click Listen on any of the tracks listed to view it's associated video
  5. Bask in the self-satisfaction that you are becoming more knowledgable and aware of the ever changing dance music landscape

This guide is wrong, you're an idiot!

Obviously, it makes sense to keep this guide as accurate as possible, so healthy debate is always encouraged.

If you believe a track is wrongly categorised, have a suggestion for a more appropriate track, or feel a new genre is prominent enough to be featured, feel free to suggest it in the discussion board.

The guide is also still under development, and you can view the planned genres in this discussion thread.

Site News

I no longer have as much time to contribute to the guide. If you're knowledgable about a particular genre that's missing, and are willing to assist with the creation of it, please get in touch and let me know how you'd like to help.